Follow us on our big adventure!

Now we’ve done what we had dreamt of for many years. In September 2012 we got into our Land Cruiser and set direction south. The destination was Moçambique, where we were planning on arriving about 6 months later.
We are Anna and Brian, a Swede and a Zimbabwean, who have lived together in Stockholm since meeting in Moçambique in 2006.

We decided to call our journey Wayawaya.

wayawaya – ['waIa'waIa] wandering around more or less aimlessly (slang verb in Shona)

Going for a walkabout, as they’d say in Australia. Brian and his friends, growing up in southern Zimbabwe and having nothing better to do for the afternoon, could say “let’s go wayawaya” and they’d just wander around town as kids do (being up to no good, I guess). It can also be used for someone not doing what they should be doing: “stop wayawayaring!”. We did have a goal, a final destination, but how and when we’d reach it was not set in stone. We were gonna take every day as it comes. We were gonna go wayawaya.

This is the journey of a lifetime and a very exciting project. But in fact, it’s just the beginning of an even greater adventure. We haven’t just driven through Africa – we’re moving there. We’re leaving home, going home. On this website and blog you can follow our adventure from the very beginning to the end – and it’s not over yet.

/Anna & Brian

Photo by Petri Storlöpare