Four years ago yesterday Brian landed at the Arlanda airport north of Stockholm. He came out in the arrival hall with the biggest smile on his face and I could hardly breathe because of all the butterflies. We had fought through a tear filled Romeo & Juliet situation for months and months, finished off by a massive cyclone that tore down the entire town and abruptly forced us apart, yet we were probably both terrified of what lay ahead. But we were definitely willing to give it a try.

Brian left friends and family in Africa and moved to Sweden, a place he pretty much had to look up on a map first. He calls himself a love refugee. It’s been a four year period resembling the scariest roller-coaster you can think of but we’ve stubbornly kept fighting and always made it through the difficult times feeling even stronger. In December of 2010 we got engaged. People keep asking when we’re going to get married. First of all, we’re in no hurry (we’ve got Brian’s sister’s record of 14 years to beat), second of all we don’t have time or money for it now, with the trip ahead. We usually tell people that if we make it through this trip in one piece and still dating – then we’ll get married.

I love you, baby.

The day Brian arrived in Sweden 2007

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