It’s funny how the human mind quickly adapts to thinking that something is perfectly normal, simply from spending a lot of time doing it. It’s hit me a few times how this project doesn’t strike us as very odd anymore. We’ve said the sentence “we’re driving from here to Africa” so many times now that it has started to sound completely normal. We’re only reminded it’s not your average Sunday drive when we tell people about it. “You’re doing WHAT?”

We’re driving from here to Africa, so? Doesn’t everybody do stuff like that?

It was the same thing with the cruiser. When we first saw it in Croatia it obviously looked like a very big car. But starting the trip home it only took a few hours before we were used to it. Then it no longer felt weird that we were sitting looking out over the top of all the other cars, taking up double the space as the smaller ones on the highway. It quickly became normal to have a huge car.

Thinking about the route we’re going to take has also become somewhat mundane. Looking at maps a lot makes you lose your perspectives, trust me. We’re so used to seeing a flattened, miniature version of the world. And 30 000 kilometers to drive, that’s just a number, isn’t it?

However, I was looking at different world maps the other day and the more I saw, the shorter the distance to southern Africa felt. This is how we’re used to seeing the world, right?











And then I stumbled over this picture and all of a sudden it was like something punched me in the stomach.













We really are driving from one side of the planet to the other. My goodness.


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