The timeplan

Having left 17th of August behind us doesn’t only mean that Brian has lived in Sweden for more than four years, but also that it is less than a year until we’re doing this trip! Here’s the timeplan for the next year.

We now have a registration inspection booked for the middle of October. The car is only weeks from becoming Swedish! However it won’t automatically become drivable. If we were to drive it for some time after the inspection we would need to sign up for insurance and start paying vehicle taxes and all those things and we just felt it’s hardly worth it for just a few weeks until it starts getting icy outside. So we’ll simply leave the car registered as off road and friends of ours are letting us park it in their backyard over winter, which we are very, very grateful for. We’ll cover it with tarp and leave it until the snow has melted in the spring, only checking on it and starting it up once in a while during winter.

During the dark and cold months ahead (when Brian will most likely suffer from severe car work withdrawals) we will be busy with all the other work. Starting up the money collection to our charity, contacting sponsors, doing a lot more research on the countries and the travelling and saving up money.

In the spring we should have a more final plan of when we can leave Sweden (mostly depending on work) and what our budget is. Then it’s just a few months left and we will be busy collecting all the final equipment and trying it out. I heard about a couple who are travelling through Siberia now and a week before departure they had packed their car full and taken part in an 4wd/off road gathering, trying out the vehicle with all its weight and gear – that’s something we’re planning on doing as well. (I could honestly use some practicing when it comes to 4 wheel driving!)

And then… It’s time for the trip. Woohoo!

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