Driving on the right side of the road

Coming back from town this afternoon I joined Brian at the garage for a few hours. The last coat on the boxes was dry and I put them back to see the result. Ready for a new set of stickers now!













Brian wired and mounted the seat heaters we got a while back. Although we’re not planning on driving the car in Swedish winter weather we thought it could be nice with some warm seats anyway. An African morning can be surprisingly chilly.

















And he put the buttons conveniently on the front of the center console.













We put on the old seat covers from the previous owners to protect the seat heaters until we get new ones, and then I got to test it out.













Quite nice and warm. Not being dressed to work in a chilly garage I could have happily sat in that warm seat for the rest of the evening…

That’s the thing about being in the garage. It just makes you wanna get into the car! I just wanna get in and get ready and go… It feels wrong to keep that beast of a machine locked up day after day when it could be out digging up some mud! It feels like the car is one of those race horses when they’re kept in the starting line booth just before the race. Lots of muscle wanting to move.

I also can’t wait to make it our home. Packing it full with the things we will need for the trip, for our everyday life living in a car. Planning and trying things out, finding out the best plan where to keep things and how to do stuff. Where’s the best place to keep the toiletries? What’s the easiest way to make breakfast? What should we keep in the back seats for easy access and what can be stored away in the secret compartments? I know there will be days on the road when we get sick and tired of living out of a car but right now I CAN’T WAIT.

I’m still struggling a little bit having to get used to driving a lefthand driven car. I’ve only done it a few times in Africa before we got the cruiser and I’m gonna have to practice a bit before the trip. But I can’t help but wishing all countries drove on the same side of the road! It would have made things just so much easier! I know I will get used to it, but still… We will also be travelling between countries with different traffic, so by crossing a border we’ll have to switch side of the street!

You obviously get a bit biased from how you grew up and what you got used to when you started driving and the same goes for us. Brian and I have already had this discussion many times, knowing nobody can win, but seriously – why even consider driving on the wrong side of the road when there is a right side? Ehrmm.

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