Two weeks until the Big Inspection

I’m back after a weekend that would best be described as an emotional roller-coaster. There was granddad’s funeral on Friday, which was very sad but nicely arranged. At the same time as it was tough seeing everyone being sad, it was nice seeing my relatives. Then I got to hang out with my family being only my parents, my brothers and me which hasn’t happened in, roughly, a hundred years. No offense, partners and kids, but it was very nice just being the five of us. Like back in the old days. So it truly was a weekend of ups and downs.

While I was gone Brian had a pretty tough weekend working on the car. When I got back he was quite stressed over some things turning up unexpectedly but today things looked a bit brighter already. I went past the garage to pick him up but wasn’t allowed to leave until he had given me a thorough demonstration of all the new changes on the car, so it was cool because yesterday he didn’t look too cheerful.

He had finished the work on the bonnet and put the air scoop on, even fitting the windscreen squirtie thingies through it.


























Then he had taken on a bigger mission, which was mainly the one giving him a headache. As he had fitted a new aircon pump (we knew this was one of the things faulty when we bought the car) he took the car to a mechanic to have the aircon filled with gas. The loud hissing sound couldn’t be mistaken. The guy looked at Brian and said “Uhm. I think there is a leak somewhere”. You don’t say.

Getting the leaking pipe out of the engine space was a mission in itself, he showed me today how it was fitted behind this, next to that, under that, back behind this and over that and around that and… Yeah. In one piece. We concluded that they put an aircon in, then they build the rest of the Land cruiser around it.













Brian started trying to find out a solution for this. But his headache got worse when Toyota said they wanted 3 000 SEK for a new pipe. Almost as much as we had just paid for the entire air con pump. Out of the blue he found out about a mechanic who does aluminum welding and I went there today handing over the pipe. So hopefully the pipe will be fixed within the next few days for 200-300 SEK or so. Instead. And all fingers crossed that when Brian eventually puts this pipe back in, there’s not a new “pfff” sound from somewhere. If that happens, I’m not gonna wait around for his reaction.

















The new aircon pump, all bright and shiny.

With only two weeks until the Big Inspection we’re starting to prepare the car for that and Brian had also taken out the back seats and the fridge and mounted the load bars in. He told me this in an sms during the weekend so I replied saying I was happy it fitted. Because we had bought it second hand and hadn’t even bothered checking if it actually fitted. “Yeah, with a few hard adjustments and a bit of cutting and drilling it fitted” he wrote.

















And he had bought new seat covers!













As I was test sitting the front seat he said “Oh yeah, I’ve also upgraded the music system a bit so the sound should be even better now”. Why am I not surprised? Then he had me sit there for another 10 minutes while he played different songs loud enough to burst my ear drums with this big grin on his face.

It’s been quite stressful lately but I have to say I think we’re both really excited for the day when we head out for the inspection, getting to actually drive our cruiser on the roads – legally. Even if it’s just for a few hours, before she needs to be locked up again.

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