He’s been missed










































Jumbo and Zulu were sleeping in the sand in the parkway as we arrived on Friday and didn’t hear the car coming – they’re not youngsters anymore. Brian stopped by the gate, hooted gently and they flew up barking and oh my goodness, their reaction when they saw it was us.

They’re such great characters both of them. Jumbo being almost twice the weight of the ridgebacks we get at home, when he lowers his head and a deep growl starts at his hind legs and travels forward through his body and ends in loud barking, you’re happy he’s not barking at you. Zulu is this fierce little rat hunter who will stop at nothing if he can smell something interesting, but he is truly a lap dog who loves cuddling and will even smile at you.






























Zulu in action… Don’t even know how he got up there in the first place but yes, there were two little rats in that cardboard box!

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