Uncle and aunty off on vacation!

Sorting out the car will have to wait a little bit because now we’re on vacation! We’re on the bus on our way to Pajala (just passing the Arctic circle!) where our friends live and we’re looking forward to a nice week up here. So far the weather looks great. The first snow had fallen yesterday and today it’s clear blue skies and just a little chilly when you’re from the city downsouth…

Yesterday we got some great news. A little girl called Hannah Rae was born in Maputo in the late afternoon and Brian is now an uncle! We’re so excited and proud of his sister and her husband and can’t wait to see photos of the little one!!

This spring we paid a little attention to our boat, cleaning and painting it, planning a lot of fishing trips on the lake during summer. But then things happened quickly with the car and the trip to Croatia and all the garage work and we probably haven’t been on the lake once since May… So last night we went down to have a look at it and pull it up for the winter. We found the boat looking quite neglected, full of rain water and it even had little plants and moss growing on it! Oops. Brian looked at it before we tipped the water out and said excitedly, not entirely joking, “I wonder if there’s any fish in it?!”


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