Another one for the book bag

We ordered this massive brick of a guide book from Amazon a while back. Lonely Planet covers different parts of Africa in several books but to cover all the areas we travel through we would have had to buy like five books, so instead we just got the main one.










I doubt that we will have any questions after reading this one.

It was meant to come with us on the trip but it turns out this book came in handy for more reasons, since I’m now sitting here working with the research for some free lance articles. Sometimes it’s just nice – and actually easier – to find something in a book instead of trying to find it on the web.

I wanted to write an extract from the introduction because they put it so well, but it would just be too much of a mission to write it all down. Here’s a couple of sentences from it at least:

This is a place where all the world’s beauty and tragedy seem to be concentrated in one (albeit vast) corner of the earth, a diverse continent that is soulful, deeply troubled and profoundly upliftling all at once. In short, there’s something special about Africa, and whether you’re a hardened African veteran or a wide-eyed first timer, this is a continent that cannot fail to get under your skin.

From Lonely Planet: Africa, 12th edition

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