Christmas decorating

We haven’t spent a Christmas here in Sweden since 2007 but this year we will and I’m sooo excited. Don’t get me wrong, spending the holidays with Brian’s family in Mocambique is awesome. But I have to say, being Swedish and all, there is nothing quite like a Swedish Christmas. Especially when you haven’t experienced one for four years.

Today is the day when most people around here seem to start decorating and preparing for Christmas. Super excited that it’s finally time to do so, I snuck out of bed quietly this morning, started the coffee machine and turned on some Christmas carols. Then – don’t ask me where that idea came from – I decided to really wake Brian up with a sense of Christmas spirits so I grabbed a gingerbread cookie, snuck into the bedroom and held it under his nose until the smell of it woke him up. It all worked well until about five seconds later when he looked out the window. By now it’s supposed to be frosty and white out, maybe even snowing. But no, it’s +10 degrees C and raining. So that doesn’t help the Christmas spirits at all.

I then spent the day decorating the apartment. I don’t have that much since we’re usually not here around the holidays but it still looks a bit decorated now. Just waiting for some snow outside as well…



































































































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