Finally some sun

We’ve been home for five days and today, for the first time since we got back, the sun has broken through the thick layer of gray
clouds. So nice with some sun. We had no idea what weather to expect when we got back and were quite relieved that it was still so warm, but we’ve realized it’s actually way warmer than it should be. This time last year we had snow and cold! The question is if the winter is just a bit delayed this year or if it will be a mild winter compared to the two last ones.

Today I’m heading for a meeting with the development organization that we’re planning on supporting. I’m very excited to finally get this project rolling and soon be able to tell you all about it and start raising money for them.

This week we’re sorting out the last things on the car and will return for a new inspection tomorrow afternoon. Well, the inspector thinks we’re only coming in to test weigh the car and get it registered, but we thought we might as well try get everything fixed and have it pass all the tests while we’re there anyway! So hopefully it will this time. To pass the registration inspection the car only needed to lose some weight and just by removing batteries, spare tyre and loose stuff like fire extinguishers and recovery gear we managed to lose 104 kgs. But we thought we will also remove the rock sliders to be on the safe side and maybe even have some margin. Then tomorrow I’ll head over to Toyota to pick up the new ball joint we have ordered and Brian will put it in as quickly as he can after work tomorrow and we’ll drive over to the inspection station. Which means I have to go past the insurance office in town today to buy one or two (in case we don’t pass and have to go for a final inspection on Thursday) temporary traffic insurance documents á 300 SEK just so that we can drive there legally… Geez, everything is just such a mission. Nothing is just easy! Trust me people, don’t get in to a project like this unless you’re ready to work for it.

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