Movie night

While the world keeps turning around us, the Libyans are trying to figure out what to do after the death of their dictator, the violence in Egypt has returned and the freedom of speech has been tampered with in South Africa, we keep working towards our goal in a garage outside Stockholm, Sweden. Today we went there after breakfast and said “Looks like a pretty nice day out today!”. We closed the garage door to keep the cold out and when we opened it a few hours later it was dark out. Feels like we’re hibernating.

Today we put the rock sliders and the bull bar back on. We also took on a slightly more fun project. Brian had realized that he could make the gps interact with his new mini PC and then we said it would be cool to have a computer in the car if we ever wanted to watch one of those crappy quality dvd movies that kids will try sell us in every city – and in the car we would really good surround sound.

Said and done, Brian did some research online and had soon ordered a computer holder, that also holds cameras and mounts onto underneath the passenger seat. I realized sitting there, in the comfortable car seat, might also be the best plan for a makeshift office for me when I write my reports during the trip.

I don’t know how many nights we will actually watch a movie. I think most nights will go to enjoying the area we’re camping in, hanging out with people we meet on the road, fixing what broke during the day or just passing out from sheer exhaustion. But you never know, we will be away for six months.

Tonight is actually movie night. We’re sitting on the bus into town to grab something to eat and go to the movies, just a chilled fun night together to celebrate that we have now been together for five years!

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