Route and time plan (just some rough ideas)

I’m sitting here doing research for my freelance articles and I keep stumbling over other websites and articles that might be interesting for our trip, so I bookmark them for later. It’s about Jordan… Kenya… and – Istanbul! I think both Brian and I are more and more looking forward to the Europe part of the trip. And releasing some of the focus off Africa and thinking about all the things there are to look at in Europe as well makes the trip feel… longer. In a good way.

We’ve been discussing it some, how long we will wanna spend going through Europe and the Middle East and how much time we need for Africa. I made a rough time plan the other day giving Europe and the Middle East about three weeks and Africa roughly one week per country. It actually evened out perfectly – until Brian questioned whether one week was really enough and also reminded me we might need some margin for when we need a week just to get through a border crossing or ending up in another similar unforeseen situation. Or if we get sick and can’t go anywhere for a few days, I added.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we end up spending 8 months on the road instead of 6…























From church to mosque to museum, Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey.


Photo borrowed from Wikipedia, by Christophe Meneboeuf.

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