Some pics from yesterday

Couldn’t post any photos writing the last blog post on the bus last night, so here are some of what the cruiser looks like now that it’s finally starting to go back to normal again!













Rock sliders back on, bull bar back on. Oh, and Brian’s new rod holder of course.













And the camera sees everything. (Filming our preparations for the documentary.)

















Brian mounted the computer holder under the passenger seat. Five minutes to mount, five seconds to stow away, it said on the box. Well… Not really, but it is quite a clever invention and we’re hoping it will prove useful and not being in the way or anything. As much as you can try predict those things, you will only know how your gear works for you once you get on the road and start using it.













It’s main task will be to hold the navigation laptop but it can also hold for example the video camera. Which I think is pretty cool because I have a feeling I will get a little carried away filming because that is so new and exciting and forget to take my still photos, but like this we can film out the window while driving and I can take pictures at the same time.













The new car office.













The new car cinema. (We’re planning on using the bigger laptop for this and trust me, sitting there in that confined space in the dark with blasting speakers right behind you guarantees a movie night out of the ordinary.)













And lastly a photo from today after Brian had been at the garage putting the lights back on – and the new number plate!

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