Time (and being a book nerd)

The other day I read about how the people of the Samoa islands were tired of being the last to do everything. So they will simply switch time zone. Soon they will be the first to wake up everyday instead of the last.

I wish I could create my own time zone. It would have at least 30 hours per day instead of the 24 I’m stuck with now. There are just so many things I wish I had time for, everyday. If I had more time in a day I would get more things done work wise (I know, I’m so boring) but I would also make sure to spend more time with my friends, practice on the guitar, watch documentaries all day long, study languages, read more books, start writing my own novel, bake, sew, workout, give myself photo assignments just for the fun of it, clean out my hard drive and my wardrobe and take up knitting again. Just to mention some of it. I would even – and hold on tight now – try to take each day as it comes, not make plans ahead all the time and live in the moment. Can’t remember what that’s like.

Today I had to get up at 04.30 to work the early day shift at the grocery store where I work extra. Getting up that early is bad in itself and didn’t get any better from the fact that Brian stayed up insanely late last night to sort something out on his computer and I woke up in the middle of the night when he came to bed. Tomorrow I work between 9am and 8pm. Not sure which is worse, the horribly early morning or the looong day at work. But I shouldn’t be complaining. I also read the other day about the women in southeast Asia who work 14 hour shifts at the factories sewing the clothes we buy in the shops here – earning as little as 300 SEK a month. It can always be worse.

After work today I considered going for a jog but since it was already dark out (at 3pm!) it wasn’t hard convincing myself not to and instead I headed for the library. I always keep a list of books I hear about and want to read. Only problem is, the new ones are usually taken when I get to the library. But today was one of those good days. And I just love it when it happens, when you come home with a pile of books. New worlds that you get to step into for a while – for free. To my surprise I found Henning Mankell’s latest (Swedish author who lives most of the year in Maputo) which was only published a short while ago. It’s about a Swedish woman who travels to Moçambique during the colonization when it was still called Portuguese East Africa. And, to my great joy, I happened to walk past the “New books” section and saw a name I haven’t seen for some time now: Natasha Illum Berg. She is a Swedish professional hunter living in Tanzania and her book about her life, which I read many years ago, made a great impact on me. So now I’m very excited to also get to read a fiction novel by her, which – surprise, surprise – also takes place in Africa.

So now my friends, there are a lot of things I could be doing the next hour – knitting or playing the guitar for example, or actually doing some work – but I think I’m gonna do some reading instead.

Yacine - November 20, 2014 - 10:24 am

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