Briefly visiting another corner of the world

Sometimes you get stuck in this bubble. Your thoughts only stretch so far, your mind has parked in its comfort zone. You talk to the same people, listen to the same songs, worry about the same things, get happy about the same things, surf on the same websites and watch the same tv shows every day.

That bubble always bursts when you travel and that’s one of the things I love about travelling. It makes you take your eyes away from the stuff you’ve been caught in, and see new things. All of a sudden you realise that there are other people in the world, in their own little bubbles. They don’t dress like you, they don’t talk like you, they do other things every day. But they also speak to the same people, listen to the same songs and watch the same tv shows every day. They get happy and they have their worries. And you realise we’re all so alike, we just live in our own little bubbles.

This video, which I randomly found on a blog, burst my bubble for five minutes and I just loved it. I learnt that this is a theme to many more videos on YouTube apparently and I think it’s an excellent way of travelling, and getting to know people, without actually having to go anywhere:

What music are you listening to?

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