Jordan, but not Syria?

As things aren’t progressing very well – or at least a little slow and unpredictably – in Syria, sadly, we have lately started realizing that we might have to reconsider our route quite a bit. We’ve been reluctant to do so – since we both badly want to go to Jordan. There aren’t really any countries we don’t want to go to I guess, all countries have something to offer a visitor. We would love to go to Syria too, but for obvious reasons we’re not as exicted about it due to the status of safety there right now. But Jordan… We haven’t wanted to let go of Jordan, thus we’ve been sticking with the Syria route.

We still haven’t decided on what to do, but the other night Brian had a brilliant idea. Something neither of us had thought about before. He said “Why don’t we only go to Jordan? And not Syria?” I probably looked at him like he just came up with the idea for a life saving invention, but I was just so relieved to think that there is an option – not taking the route through Syria but still getting to see Jordan. “If it’s easy to get into from Egypt, surely we could just shoot in there real quick before heading south?”

We don’t know if it’s either easy or quick, but it definitely sounds like an option right now.

Here you can see some nice photos of the ancient city of Petra and other things to see in Jordan.

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