Moçambique in the media, and just to be hit by a cyclone…

Tomorrow I have an article on Moçambique in Expressen Söndag, make sure to get a copy! I haven’t seen it myself yet so it’s gonna be interesting.

Speaking of Moçambique, we’re keeping a close eye on the situation there at the moment. Cyclone season came early this year due to a lack of rain throughout the rain season and there is a big one, named Funso, that seems to be heading straight for Vilanculos. So we’re a little worried. This will be the first real test to Brian’s sister’s and her husband’s house, built a couple of years ago. How will it hold? But Brian just said it looks like a rain cyclone rather than a wind cyclone, which means floodings rather than destruction.

We’ll see how this develops over the weekend and then I’ll write another update.

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