Musical Monday

I don’t know if it’s something about Mondays but it’s like your expectations are lower than for the rest of the week production-wise, so for every little thing gotten done you feel proud, recognize that feeling? That’s exactly how I feel today. I feel like I got a whole lot of things done, but I have few results to show.

Anyhow, today I’ve been working on our logo, which we will print on the car, our t-shirts, business cards and so on. I’ll show you all of that once it’s all settled with the project company name and all. But it’s fun stuff, I love working with text and designs and colour and layout!

Also, we’re right now waiting for a decision on something that could be quite crucial to the future of the project. I’ve contacted the webb editor of Dagens Nyheter and asked if I could keep a blog on their website during the trip. Not expecting much I was very happy to hear that they might be interested! I’m going for a meeting with my contact there on Wednesday, all fingers crossed. A blog at would mean hundreds of thousands of readers and a very heavy argument when trying to charm the sponsors. Oh, and it would be great fun blogging for them too!

Sometimes you also gotta let yourself do the not so urgent things as well, to let your brain rest a bit from stressful plans and tough decision. Brian is in the middle of that right now; sitting in the office in our apartment, going through music and making playlists that we can listen to in the car… Not very urgent at all, but still very important!


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