Our preparations headquarters

Last night I worked at the grocery store up until 10 pm and Brian had obviously been busy during the afternoon, because this is what I found when I came home.

It wasn’t a total surprise, we had been planning to make this corner into our preparation office for a couple of months, since it conveniently was a part of the apartment that wasn’t furnished or used for anything else. We were looking around for weeks and weeks for a big size whiteboard, except small enough to fit this space, and that proved tricky so eventually we got tired of waiting and just bought a whole bunch of small, cheap ones and decided to put them all together. And Brian had even lined out our planned route – with the different options before entering Africa since Syria is in the state it is. It’s a laminated map so we can easily draw lines with the whiteboard markers and wipe them out if we need to change it!

I almost don’t want to erase that message on the whiteboard, but I guess I’ll have to, to make space for all our to-do lists!

David - January 18, 2012 - 12:24 pm

Ni kommer att passera Iringa! Ni ska få lite kontakter :)

Anna - January 18, 2012 - 4:39 pm

Var det där du bodde som liten? :) Toppen med lite tips och kontakter! Nu är ju inte den här rutten direkt huggen i sten som du förstår, och kan till och med ändras från en dag till en annan även under resans gång, men visst finns det goda chanser att vi passerar Iringa. :) kram!

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