The mechanic and the assistant

Sorry about the silence on the blog during all of last week. Last week was a bit hectic because we got car trouble, not with the cruiser but with our everyday work horse, our Peugeot. During the past four years or so that we’ve had it, it’s never broken down completely and left us standing, except a couple of flat tyres. But last week the brakes gave up completely. It turned out we could have been warned but the cable meant to indicate brakes wearing down wasn’t connected. Not that anything happened, I was on my way home from the stables when I noticed a funny noise when using the brakes, and a feeling that they were less sharp. Brian had a look at it the next day and it turned out the brake pads on the front right had worn down completely.

We spent last night at the garage at Brian’s work fixing the brakes. Well, Brian fixed the brakes, I handed him tools like a nurse hands the scalpel to a doctor. Starting off Brian was confused with some extra bolts that came with the new brake pads and as Göran, one of the bosses at the company, showed up, we asked him but he didn’t know either.

The picture was taken seconds after Brian shrugged and said “Assscchh, I’ll just leave them. I’ll do some bush mecanics” and I carefully pointed out that the manual began with “This needs to be done by a person with the neccessary expertise.” Göran said “I can kind of see this happening a few times during the trip.”

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