The sound of snow

Still, after many years, I can sometimes think of things that I’d love to show or tell Brian’s family about. They haven’t been here – yet – but we’re hoping to get them all here one day. And everytime we visit them they ask things about Sweden, about our way of life, traditions, food or weather. And with Brian’s help, who can see things with a newcomer’s fresh eyes, I get to see my own country in new ways which is quite interesting.

And this evening, it was the sound of snow. Well, the sound of walking in snow, to be correct. I had been working up until 10pm at the grocery store and we had quite a bit of snowfall during the day and walking back up from the parking lot there was no other sound but the one I made as I was walking on this dry, fresh powdery snow. It’s about -12 out and I don’t think I’ve ever heard snow that loud and clear before! I actually filmed my feet as I was walking to record the sound. It’s such a peculiar sound that you don’t get anywhere else. We use the verb knarra, creak or crunch, to describe it, and I guess it’s the closest you get. But it also changes with the type of snow, the density of it and the temperature outside. And it works – watching the video (not much to see, just my snow boots walking on snow in the dark, really!) I know instantly what that sound is. It’s the sound of walking on snow and it brings back memories of winters long gone.

This is Brian, almost exactly a year ago, uncovering our car after we had been to Africa for three weeks. We don’t have that much snow this year! Yet…

Des - February 15, 2012 - 9:20 pm

Can’t believe you got him to leave the house! With all that snow about a true Zimbo would be tucked up in bed. If you had your 4×4 you’d have driven out of that! This website’s awesome soooo much info! Quite jealous of your big plans and hope it works out for you. Des

Anna - February 16, 2012 - 10:42 pm

Trust me, when it’s weather like that, hibernation is def an option!! The car was under about 80 centimeters of snow and it took as about an hour to dig it out and once it was out, we still had to jump start it.. /brian

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