The logo

Some of you may have noticed the logo and how it is a pawprint but with some modifications. It actually has a story behind it and here it goes! Brian wanted to have a tattoo done a couple of years ago. I already have one, a small wolf paw print on the inside of my leg, which symbolizes both my passion for wildlife and the great outdoors and my wish to speak for the ones who can’t speak for themselves with my journalism (so I sometimes go “Hmmpf!” when people see it and go “awwww, a dog paw print, cuuuute!”). Anyhow, as we started brainstorming different ideas for a tattoo for Brian we ended up with the idea of him getting a paw print as well, but he chose the lion. A good representative of his African origin and it has a characteristic look to it with what can almost be called a thumb, which makes it easy to tell it’s a lion’s paw print. We had also seen a logo somewhere that had a foot print with the African continent incorporated in it and that is how he ended up with the final sketch for his tattoo, that we sketched together by looking at drawings of a lion paw print and the African continent. So it’s kind of nice to know we designed his tattoo together and that our tattoos have a link between them somehow. And as the tattoo artist suggested adding a bit of structure to the tattoo, kind of making it look like it’s set in stone, Brian’s was up for it straight away. You can take a man out of Africa but you can never take Africa out of the man, as the saying goes.

So starting up the Wayawaya project and realizing a logo could be good to have, it didn’t take us long to decide his tattoo could also be our logo. Said and done!

chris - March 26, 2012 - 2:05 pm

woooow! Sjukt snyggt! :D

Anna - March 27, 2012 - 2:55 pm

Visst blev den cool! Haha jag tar typ åt mig av äran fast jag inte hade nåt att göra med den.. Eller jo, var ju med och ritade den faktiskt. :) Kul att den blev så bra, han är jättenöjd med den.

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