Time to get into shape

Being physically fit for the trip is just as important as other preparations. I feel that I want to give my body the best possible conditions to stay healthy throughout the trip by being as fit as I can at the time of departure. Also, sitting in a car several hours a day (sometimes the equivalent of a full working day) will take its toll on our bodies and we need to be strong to manage. I haven’t felt that I’ve been able to afford working out at a gym the past few years because it is quite expensive, but luckily we have now been sponsored with a discount at a nice gym just a few kilometers from where we live: iForm. I can even ride my bike there!

Yesterday we went there and got signed up for gymming. No turning back now. I feel super excited and shit scared at the same time. I’ve been wanting to take up “proper” workout again for a long time and add that to my horseback riding, jogging and power walking – but this time it’s really the real deal. I’m gonna set up a program to follow together with a PT and everything! This will really put my discipline to the test! But I’m not too worried because I do love working out and I know it’s only really tough right in the beginning as you pick it up after laying low for a while but soon the workout itself and its positive effects give you energy and motivation to keep going. Brian will probably just do his own thing but I will keep you guys updated on our progress with some sort of a workout diary here on the blog, if nothing else then for my own satisfaction of actually getting somewhere with my training!

So enough with the excuses now. It’s so easy to think “ah, but my thumb is sore” (I sprained it last Sunday falling off a horse) or “I still don’t feel quite alright after that cold that lasted for weeks”. But now I’ve told the Internet. Now there’s no turning back.

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