Another clever invention

A while ago we started discussing what would be the best way to boil water during the trip. It will be an everyday matter pretty much and all the everyday things have to be as easily accessible and as easy to handle and as quick and smooth as possible because otherwise you will just get tired of trying to do it. And we will often be standing in the middle of nowhere without any options.

As with many other things, Brian the gadget lover started doing a bit of online research, watching numerous Youtube videos (Youtube has been a great source of information and inspiration, there’s pretty much a how-to video of everything), and came across the Kelly Kettle. And before I could say blueberry pie, we had one.

With the Kelly Kettle you basically have you fire, your pot and your thermos all in one. It’s a little big and bulky but the efficiency makes up for that. You basically use whatever you have around you to make a fire in the bottom part (which otherwise packs into the big unit to save space), pour water in where the cork is, leave the cork out and wait for the water to boil. It takes about four minutes and then you have 1.6 liters of hot water (they come in different sizes). You have to know how to use it not to get burnt (I’m afraid I will learn the hard way) and it’s not very safe around children, but no camp cooking equipment is, really. All in all it’s a very clever invention and we like clever inventions.

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