From dance to martial arts

Like I mentioned the other day I had been looking forward to doing some Zumba classes these couple of weeks, but it turned out the Zumba class was cancelled last night. I had a look at what other things iForm had to offer on a Tuesday night and decided to try what they call Box, an hour of group workout inspired by boxing and martial arts combined with some cardio.

Was Zumba hard last week? Piece of cake compared to this. I always wondered what it feels like working out so hard that you almost vomit, like they always do in the movies – now I know. I told the instructor and the woman I was paired up with that I had sprained my thumb three weeks earlier and might have to go a bit easy on it. Oh, how I wish, when I later had to take a break to refrain from dying, that I could blame it on my thumb. My thumb was fine. In fact, my thumb is even better now, it’s sore but not as stiff as it has been.

However tough it was I really enjoyed it. Getting to punch and kick releases some frustration and stress and it’s fun. Which is more than you can say about today, the day after. You’d laugh if you saw me trying to walk up or down a flight of stairs. Now I keep telling myself what my expert friend Eva told me sometime back when I was really sore after a riding lesson – I am allowed to rest. It’s a myth that you should make your body work again straight after workout. Although you might want to workout again because warming up the muscles makes the pain go away temporarily, but your muscles are rebuilding themselves and you shouldn’t. Im allowed to rest tonight. But tomorrow night I’m going to the stables!

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