And the work continues

So, we spent almost a full day at the garage yesterday and oh, was it nice to be able to take jackets and sweaters off and work in t-shirts! Finally some sunshine and comfortable temperatures.

We started off by having a brunch picnic. Except we didn’t drive very far, just reversed the car out of the garage, opened the tail gate to prepare our sandwiches and dug in. There are nicer picnic sites in this world, but when you’re really hungry – and have a car you’re not allowed to drive anywhere – this worked just fine.

We then got busy getting the air con pipe out, the mission of the day. I mostly stood aside watching Brian working on getting this pipe out, handing him whatever tool he needed at the moment, and then got to help out a bit towards the end, pulling the pipe out once it was loose. Which is trickier than it sounds, considering its bends and twists.

Once the pipe was finally out we wanted to figure out where the leak was. When filling up with gas, a device for discovering leaks had pointed us to one side of the pipe, but after trying both air and water we started wondering if there even was a leak. Maybe it was just the end nuts that weren’t sealed properly? And then what? Buy new o-rings? But with some more patience and testing with soapy water, there was finally bubbles. A hole so little it was impossible to see with the human eye, but still causing us so much of a hassle.

Today I went back to the workshop, where they helped us fix the pipe last year, and told them there was a new hole. Luckily he wasn’t too busy at the moment and was gonna fix it today so I’m picking it up again already tomorrow. We also went to see a sailmaker who we’re hoping can help us with our tent and spare tyre covers, but the right guy wasn’t in so I’m going back there as well tomorrow. Busy days!

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