Gear from Kama Fritid arriving

Unpacking all the gear from our partner Kama Fritid really made us feel that the trip is coming closer! We couldn’t really hide our excitement as we went through everything, from car maintenance products to kitchen accessories to safety gear… This was simply a great collection of gear that will come very much in handy during the trip. Well, at least the dinner set and and other everyday things, let’s hope we don’t have to use the fire extinguishers!

Saving space with a foldable colander!

Brian unpacking the car maintenance products.

The chairs are very comfortable, but they’re BIG. I know it’s not the most important thing in our equipment but still something to be used everyday – I fell in love with this dinner set at the Camping and Caravan fair we went to earlier this year and have been talking about them ever since – and now I got them, yay!

Martin - May 8, 2012 - 11:02 am

If you feel the chairs are too big, why don’t you ask Aktivus ( to give you two Crazy Creek-chairs? (And if you didn’t know it, Aktivus is owned by Emma Ising)

Anna - May 8, 2012 - 11:21 am

Hey, yeah we were kinda looking at each other thinking “WHERE are we gonna put them?!” when we saw the chairs :) But when you’re gonna be camping for six months we feel that you have to have proper chairs – plus, we might already have something like the ones you mentioned coming up actually… But thanks for the tip – and I didn’t know Emma runs that company, that’s great!! :)

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