Meeting with other travellers

Last night I met with Erik and Malin for a coffee in town, two of the four people heading out on a very similar trip as I mentioned in an earlier blog post – in just a few days! They’re car is being shipped to Alexandria now and they will be flying there early next week. It was so great meeting up and getting to chat to like-minded travellers, exchanging research, advice, hopes and fears.

It’s funny though because at the same as it feels like we’re doing pretty much exactly the same thing it feels like our trips are miles apart. I guess for anybody else we ARE doing the same thing, we’re all driving through Africa and you don’t come across people doing that that often. But when you’re into it like we are, the details make a big difference. Different car, different ways of funding, different goals and aims with the trip, different plans.

But despite those differences we do have a lot in common as well and it was great hearing about their ideas, their planning and research, their garage work. So much sounds just like what we’ve been doing for the past year! So now I wish them the best of luck and an absolutely awesome journey!

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