Status update with three months to go

The blog posts have been few and far between during the past months which wasn’t at all my plan, I’d love to post something everyday but since I’d like those posts to be substantial and worth reading I simply haven’t had time to. But as compensation for the past weeks of silence, here’s now a proper update for all of you wondering what’s happening now that the trip is coming closer.

Today is not only national day in the country west of us, but it also marks three months left for us. However, our status update is that things aren’t entirely going our way and with a few economical setbacks lately we’re slowly having to accept maybe postponing our departure with a month or two.

Now, some of you might be saying, hey, I thought you guys had everything sorted out! Money in the bank and good to go. Truth is, not yet. And with three months to go, we’re pretty stressed. And it’s difficult to blog about this, being in the middle of the process and quite under pressure I don’t feel like sharing all the details just yet at the same time as I’d really like to let you in on the whole thing, how to make a trip like this happen. But for now, the status is that we’re struggling to reach our budget, have a few pretty difficult decisions to make and almost feel like we’re stuck in a catch 22.

We don’t give up that easily though. We set out inviting companies to take part in our project offering them a great deal of exposure and other services in return for supporting the implementation of the project – something a lot of people had said would even be impossible, but have already gotten a good part of the way! Since most of our savings have gone towards getting and fixing up the car, we’re pretty much relying on partners. We knew that was going to be hard, very hard. It has been ten times harder than we thought.

We do have a lot of partners (not nearly all of them are showing on the website just yet) providing us with gear, which we’re extremely excited and happy about! We’re looking forward to a great cooperation with all these companies.

The cruiser is very close to ready for departure. It’s just standing there in the garage waiting to have everything put back on and a last few things prepared. Now we’re just going to keep fighting to reach our goal so that we can leave on time, or just slightly delayed! The trip is obviously happening, sooner or later. Sooner rather than later.

With three months left it would have been nice to be able to put our feet up… Focus on the last practical preparations, like visas, jabs, research and which t-shirts to bring. Enjoy the summer, test drive the cruiser. Instead we’ll have to keep working on the budget and make all those decisions and see how it goes. But hey, see it from the bright side. Having everything sorted out would have been kind of boring, don’t you agree? This makes it much more exciting, doesn’t it!!

Okay so back down to earth and a more specific update. Last weekend was spent at the garage as usual. Brian maybe broke his record when getting there at 9 am and leaving at 11.30 pm. I spent a few hours that day baby sitting my nephew and then spent the last six hours with Brian at the garage. He had done a great job already by then, putting the air con pipe back in, put the intercooler back in, mounting our new water pump from Kama Fritid and sorted out the last wiring for 220v. He also mounted the devices we’ve gotten from Kama Fritid, which will give us all the information we need on how our batteries and solar panel (which we will borrow from Brunton) are doing.

Aircon pipe and intercooler back in! Engine space pretty much finalized, just going to the “air con guy” Anders again sometime soon, refilling with gas.

Electrical corner with all the new devices. Looking pretty messy at this stage, looked very tidy when he was finished. Will put up an “after” photo as well sometime.

















The new water pump in front.

































Optimizing storage opportunities.













That Sunday we had another picnic, just like the last one just a few meters from the garage, and we tried out our new chairs from Kama Fritid for the first time! Our picnic table was wedged onto the roof rack so I made a temporary table out of a plank and that worked just fine unless you’d sit down too abruptly. The chairs are very comfortable. Their size made us a bit nervous in the beginning, but we know that comfortable chairs is something we will appreciate as we will be camping for six months. We might have to compromise on something else instead and just make space for them somewhere where they’re easily accessible. And who needs a knife to make a reindeer cream cheese and egg sandwich, when you’ve got a multitool!?

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