We’re not alone

Back in the day when I started dreaming of doing a trip like this it was still considered something rare, extreme and crazy. These days overlanding is a new way of travelling, people are tired of the chartered all inclusive trips, want to get closer to what they’re experiencing and be more in control of where and when to go. If you look at overlanding forums they’re crowded with people doing long and short expeditions in every direction possible. Okay, so it’s still a little rare, extreme and crazy I guess (why else would you wanna do it?) but it’s definitely become a way more common way of travelling.

A couple of weeks ago a friend told me she knew a guy who was heading out on an expedition. It turned out there were four of them, our age, all from Stockholm. heading out almost at the same time as us almost with the same route. It was such a cool feeling to hear about others planning the same trip! We emailed a little back and forth but they’ve been very busy since they’re shipping their car out like today or one of these days and then flying to Egypt at the end of May. But we’re hoping to get to see them before they leave!

And then it turns out there’s another group of Swedes who are out on their expedition right now! They have just recently entered Kenya, according to their blog. Also very cool because not only is it inspiring and fun to read their updates, but we can also learn a lot from it. Since they’re on the road now, what applies for them should apply for us in a few months from now. Things change quickly, and things can change in just a few months, but it’s at least way better than doing research and finding much older out of date information. For example, they have more or less given us a solution to the route problem. How to get to Africa when Syria and Libya are in the state they’re in has given us a bit of a head ache lately. We knew we were heading for the option of shipping the car across the Mediterranean, but from what little research we’ve had the time to do in the matter, we found that a lot of the ferry lines are currently not running – because of Syria for example. But just from reading these guys’ blog we’ve got a name of a company that’s up and running (it’s a RoRo company so we’d have to ship the car across and fly across ourselves), we know how they went about it and how much it cost. It didn’t seem to be easy, but then again, we’re expecting nothing to be easy on this trip. So that was a great relief and let’s just hope nothing changes and that we can imitate their plan.

You’ll find these other overlanders’ websites here (the goup leaving at the end of May) and here (the group who is on the road now) if you’re interested – both in Swedish.

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