Midsummer brunch

Today is Midsummer’s eve but we’re not celebrating much this year, just chilling at home over the weekend. Will maybe go for a boat ride on the lake, fix up my bike that’s got flat tyres, do some research and do some work on the cruiser at the garage.

One of the biggest things on Midsummer’s is to eat pickled herring, smoked salmon and other nice things from the waters. But as I told you in a blog post just the other day, a certain person in this household wouldn’t go near those things for money and I just couldn’t be bothered buying it only for myself and us having to cook different dishes.

So today we spoiled ourselves with a nice brunch with something else very traditional on Midsummer’s instead: strawberries. I made American pancakes with strawberries and maple syrup. Yummy!!


Max - July 31, 2012 - 2:01 pm

No posts for over a month?
What’s going on?

I saw a picture of a torn down bathroom, but didn’t really get it.

How are things going with the selling of your photos as a form of private sponsoring?

Hang in there! Keep up the good spirit!
You can do it!


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