The packing list

One of the absolute best things about planning for a trip is to do the packing, don’t you agree? I know it may sound silly but it’s such an exciting stage of the planning, getting to think about what you will need during your journey. I can start planning on what to bring weeks in advance, preferably writing lists so I don’t forget anything. And when planning a long trip like this one, what to bring has obviously been on our minds from the start and we finally got around to put it all into one long list – check out the equipment page that I just updated!

Our trip is obviously the more outdoorsy kind since we’re going to be camping almost every night and live with basic facilities. But it’s still very different from the outdoor trips I’ve been on before. I have done my fair share of ¬†travelling light, doing quite a few hiking trips into the woods and mountains when I was younger. Then you know that you have to limit the equipment list to the absolute necessary things, because you are going to carry whatever you bring on your back. Your tent, your sleeping bag, your clothes, your kitchen, your fuel, your food, everything. The first few days are always so hard when hiking. I usually end up with a slightly too heavy backpack no matter how hard I try and your body isn’t used to carry the load for hours a day. Plus you usually have the steep climbing onto the mountains the first couple of days, making it even harder.

Compared to that, travelling by car is luxury. You can bring loads of gear AND heavy stuff! I’m so looking forward to being able to bring pretty much everything I need, although keeping it to a minimum of course. I don’t have to cut the shaft off my toothbrush just to save a few grams!

However, I have a feeling we will be standing there with all our gear, about to the pack up the cruiser – and we will only be able to fit half of it in there… But we’ll see! Making a proper packing list was the first step, getting all our gear together and actually test packing the cruiser will be the next, very exciting, thing to do!

So now, let us know, did we forget anything on the list? Is there something you wouldn’t bring? What do you always travel with? What do you always bring but never use?

Here’s more or less what we’ve planned so far around the cruiser’s different storage areas – but it will probably change a few times when we actually start packing it…

Michael C - June 7, 2012 - 1:59 pm

I would suggest that you add some waterproof paper/small notebooks with a pencil. you never know when you might want to write something down, I’ve carried a small pad, with half a pencil in the binding with me through 70 plus countries. It’s been immensely worthwhile.

Also maybe a rubber spatula, or some wooden spoons for cooking.

Anna - June 8, 2012 - 9:43 am

70 countries!? My goodness!
Yes, I’m definitely bringing a couple of notepads. Since I’ll be blogging both on this website and for a newspaper here in Sweden I will have my radar on all the time, constantly trying to pick up things to write about. :) But waterproof paper – haven’t thought of that!!
Yup, the rubber and wooden cooking utensils are on the list. We will be bringing modern high tech energy saving pots with teflon insides for our gas kitchen as well as a good old stainless steel pot that we can put in a fire if needed, so we’ll be needing a little bit of everything when it comes to cooking utensils.
Thanks for commenting!

Mom - June 12, 2012 - 11:04 am

Had a look at your equipment list. Are you sure you have enough Duct Tape…………LOL
Get some water sterilising tablets for your first aid kit just in case and take a bottle of household bleach with you as you can use it in a very diluted solution to wash fruit and veg in that you are going to eat without cooking first. It kills cholera bug.

Anna - June 15, 2012 - 8:09 am

Haha well we all know Brian is very resourceful, but without duct tape… I don’t know… ;)
Thanks for the advise, will look into that! We’ll be sterilising the tank water plus run it through a filter so it should be good to drink, but tablets we can use for other water, when not by the car, is a good idea! xxx

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