Drama up until the last minute

Okay so the last couple of weeks have just been so hectic as we’ve tried to get everything done and I got so caught up in it I haven’t even known what to tell you guys. We’ve been working towards leaving as planned tomorrow and almost everything has fallen into place one thing at the time. We’ve been very happy because a lot of new people have stepped in and given us a hand last minute which has made a big difference to us. However, there was one thing we were still waiting for… Our passports have been at the Sudanese embassy for a month now… We haven’t known what’s been going on or why it has taken so long and have politely waited for them to let us know. Just the last week I’ve started calling them asking for news – since we were coming into the last week. And this afternoon I will be able to go and pick up our passports with visas for Sudan at the embassy. Yay! The day before planned departure. The embassy really knows how to keep you on your toes!

This means we’ve had no time to apply for visas for Jordan or Egypt. But I called up the embassies and was told that we can get visas for Jordan at a certain border crossing and that we can get visas for Egypt no problem at any border crossing. So we’ll just have to hope that works out alright but I’m not too worried about it.

So we’re getting the last thing we need today, but we realized planning to leave tomorrow is quite optimistic. The car is pretty much ready but we haven’t packed it with all our gear yet and we’re still behind with emptying the apartment and cleaning it. It took us some time to adjust and accept delaying departure with a day or two. I guess driving to Africa is something you do on a Saturday, not a Sunday. But the more we thought about it, the more we felt that we really need to finish up here properly and not leave until we feel ready – preferably having got a few hours of sleep the night before and have energy to start the trip. Since we have two weeks before we need to be in Italy we can allow ourselves to do this and then it would just be stupid to stress majorly and leave half organized and exhausted. After all, we’re not just driving to Italy…

So now we’re aiming to leave as soon as we’re done with everything, hopefully on Sunday! We’ve been stressing a lot the past few days, not knowing what would happen with the visas, and although we will now keep working our butts off to leave as soon as possible, I have a new found peace of mind. Once I’ve picked up the passports this afternoon, we do have everything we need to go – our destiny isn’t in somebody else’s hands, somebody that can potentially delay our time plan. It’s now up to us when we leave and that’s a nicer feeling.

Today Petri, the documentary film maker, arrived and later today mom and dad are turning up to give us a hand with the last preparations but obviously also to see us before we go. Oh, all these goodbyes… I don’t like them.


Max - September 1, 2012 - 9:04 pm

Sounds like you still have your heads on straight! Taking an extra day to finish up properly is the right decision when you are packing up and leaving for the trip of your lifetime!

Please remember that we do want to at least give you a wave as you pass by southern Sweden!

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