Last week preparations

This morning I woke up  by somebody asking me “Guess what we’re doing in a week from now?” I managed to mumble “Packing up the cruiser”, still half asleep. “Yup, packing up and getting ready to go” Brian continued. “And guess what day it is today?” He hauled his tired body out of bed. “Your last day at work for a loooong time” I said. We were both so tired this morning, having worked until 10.30 pm last night, him cleaning at the garage and me working in the apartment. But we quickly became wide awake with the realization of how little time it is left. Excitement and stress in a perfect blend!

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a three-weeks-to-go-phase, but something definitely happened a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden it felt like EVERYTHING had to be done RIGHT NOW. It was probably a combination of us being behind with a lot of things and now having all the last minute preps to sort out as well. It all just added up and it’s been a hectic couple of weeks. I think I’ve had a resting heart rate of 290 or so. I’ve locked my keys in the car, forgot my wallet when going shopping, forgot to buy food… I think in some moments I wouldn’t have been able to answer the most simple questions – but I could have told you that the car needs 80w90 transmission oil or that a fan belt comes in 2-pack only in some cases. If you’d like to know. Welcome into my head. It’s been super hectic but fun at the same time though, since it’s a more positive kind of stress now knowing we’re on our way, than when we were completely stressed out earlier this summer.

As much as things are slowly falling into place I can’t wait for everything to be sorted. I can’t wait for the day when we have all the papers, made all the phone calls, got all the gear. All we need to do then is pack up the cruiser one last time and take a couple of deep breaths and go.

Here are some of the things that are currently taking up 99% of my brain activity (unfortunately leaving no time or energy to call my friends, cook a normal meal or relax for five minutes): finalizing with the carnet de passage, finalizing visas, getting the logos mounted on the car, packing up and cleaning the apartment, finalizing car work, test pack the car, test drive the car, buy groceries for the trip, finalize things with all our partners, plan the route for the first couple of days, stay in touch with Grimaldi to see if the ship will leave on time, finalize things with the bathroom renovation, keeping a close eye on the budget, taking our last vaccinations, sorting out all the papers we need to bring, empty the apartment…

All to be done in a week. Wish us luck, guys. But hey, our new motto is “Doing things last minute is fine as long as they still get done on time.”

Now I’m gonna try get my heart rate down and prepare to go into town when Brian’s done at work and meet up with Tania, Brian’s aunt who’s coming over from London to visit and give us a hand.

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