Meeting with Primus, Brunton and Tierra

On Friday we went to meet with our partners at Primus, Brunton and Tierra who all share an office in Solna, just north of the city center. It was exciting just being on the roads, driving the cruiser pretty much for the first time for real since we picked it up in Croatia last year, and great fun to go and see our partners. We demonstrated the cruiser, including our kitchen area where Brian has built a very clever stove holder for cooking with the Primus stove, and then we had a look at the equipment and the maintenance of it. It’s one thing going on a hike or a kayaking trip over the weekend but if you’re going to be camping for six months, even the best equipment needs some tlc to cope!

We really will be cooking in style! We feel really fortunate to be equipped with great cooking gear from Primus. Brunton is providing us with solar cell power along the way (you can see the panel lying on top of the bonnet in one photo) and last but of course not least Tierra is providing us with clothes for any type of weather, which I’ve told you about before. Friday was a nice and sunny day so we couldn’t wear too much clothes. But those blue shorts look really good on Brian, I think! We also wore the comfy shoes from Outnorth.

Nice group photos taken by Marie Lundberg at Primus. Paul from Primus/Brunton on top of the cruiser, and Erik from Tierra with me and Brian below. Here are some photos I took:

It’s so funny with the picture of the cruiser fully set up for camp – it looks like it’s ready to take off! When in fact it’s the absolute opposite, it tells you we’re here to stay. At least for a while…

Max - August 20, 2012 - 10:34 pm

Ok, now I’ve waited long enough! Let Brian spill the beans on the specs of the car and all the modifications that he has been busy with!

And what are those wires that are going from front bumper to the roof?

She really is a beauty! You guys have done a magnificent job!


Anna - August 22, 2012 - 10:05 am

Hahaha, well, there aren’t THAT many new modifications to write about…? :) We’re super busy prepping for departure now, but if we get a chance I will have Brian report some more on the car work.
I can tell you what the wires are for though, they’re called limb raisers or brush guards – they keep branches off your windscreen when you drive in thick bush! We will probably also use them for the solar panel, for charging that when camping.
Thank you, glad you like the car, so do we :D

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