Now we’re on Twitter as well!

I’ve just signed up on Twitter as a complement to my blogging – Twitter is just so quick and easy. I’m hoping that whenever I manage to pick up wifi with my phone along the way, I will be able to send off a few short lines or even a photo from where we are at the moment – if nothing else at least just letting you guys know where we are and what we’re doing. I think that will be a perfect addition to my blogging, for those days that I don’t have the time to put together a longer blog post or not enough internet access. I asked Erik, who’s on the road with his girlfriend and friends now, how he found the internet access to be in Africa. His reply was simply “There’s internet everywhere, you just need to take the time to stop.” So with that, and knowing from my own experience how fast things like wifi are developing in Mocambique for example (Africa is not at all as “behind” as many people might think, on the contrary, I’d say!) I have pretty high hopes that I will be able to go online quite often – if not with a longer report then at least with a little tweet!

Update Monday 20 August, 2012: I forgot to say, for those of you who don’t have a Twitter account – don’t worry, you will be able to read the Twitter posts right here on the blog, on the sidebar to the right!

Alan Lowthian - August 19, 2012 - 1:11 pm

Hello youse 2! Enjoyed the latest and see you are gearing up for the OFF!. We are all thinking of you both – if not a little apprehensive about your adventure. However we are sure you have all the ‘What Ifs?’ answered and travel docus sorted. Will keep in touch and will tell all our family your start date. Love to bothe June and Grandad, Tania and Pete.

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