Heading south for the winter

Okay so we’re slowly getting into things… Leaving Sweden was a rude awakening for me, all of a sudden no signal. I then really kind of realized we were now on the road, moving away. Cool feeling but it meant no blog posts, no tweets, no nothing! I was sitting in the car trying to telepathically tell all of you “Look at the map! Look at the map!” to let you know we were well and moving. (Us moving on the map is a good sign, unless the car is moving in the completely wrong direction!) But as we say in my family: No news are good news.

So now we’re at a campsite in Schwerin, northern Germany. We wanted to get all the way to Berlin today but knew it was a bit optimistic, especially since we wanted to set up camp in daylight. So we’ll be heading for Berlin in the morning instead, should be about 200 km away.

Brian just had a look at the map. “1 289 km. Just another 24 000 to go!” Strangely not scaring us off, rather encouraging us on.

Germany is a bit chilly and windy, maybe because we are about 25 metres from the shore of a big lake. On the way from the campsite where the cruiser is parked to the campsite facilities Brian all of a sudden stopped. “Those guys are catching some fish out there.” He had spotted a bunch of little boats and loads and loads of hungry seagulls above the water at the far side of the lake, something I had not even noticed. He has his fishing rods packed and I know he can’t wait to bring them out and start using them.

So yeah, we’re just slowly getting into things. Getting our heads around the fact that we’re moving, that we’re doing the trip now. That we’re already in the second or third country (depending on if you count Sweden!). We’re getting faster and faster at setting up camp. It gets easier and easier to find what you need in the car, although it’s still a huge mess and we have to try organize it better. I just said to Brian this morning that I was looking forward to camping wild, whenever the chance comes up. That will be more like  what I’m used to, heading out into the mountains or woods and just put up your tent. This thing with campsites where you have people right next to you, toilets and showers, restaurants and tv-rooms… Not really camping to us. It’s great being able to do it and we have showers when given the chance since you don’t know when you’ll get to have a proper one next time, but we’re both looking forward to having the freedom of just parking, setting up camp and being far from everything else.

I’m just working on digesting all the impressions and emotions over the past few days. The heartbreaking goodbye’s to friends and family as well as the excitement of heading out on the trip. All the people that came to see us, to say goodbye and wave us off and wish us luck. All of you leaving comments and greetings on the web. Brian’s family, nervously following us and eagerly waiting for us to get there. You’re all with us in heart and mind along the way and it’s so great that you’re all joining us in fulfilling this dream.

A bunch of geese just flew over the now dark lake and forests here, giving their characteristic calls. We’re following them, heading south for the winter.


beate and hermann - September 7, 2012 - 10:51 pm

hi there, we saw you and your car on the campsite in schwerin/germany.(we were the people with the vw-beetle and the small caravan). we just looked up “wayawaya.net” and so found your blog. (i liked your car with the tent on top of it). we wish you all the best for your big journey!!! hope you will find your freedom and meet a lot of nice people. and we hope you will arrive luckily and safe in mocambique!!!
beate & hermann.

Anna - September 10, 2012 - 3:11 pm

Hi! So cool to hear from you! Great that you found our website. Take care! /Anna & Brian

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