One year

A year ago today we got in the cruiser and drove out of the parking lot outside our apartment in southern Stockholm and we returned to the same place, carless and tired about 8 months later. But those 8 months were some of the best months in our lives. That’s something you realize more and more after coming back, as the thousands of memories slowly fall into place, now and then popping to the surface to remind you of something you thought had forgotten.

Despite being very quiet since we got back, the trip is still very much with us, obviously. It’s not like we’ve said cheers and moved on. It’s just that we got back and got really busy straight away, working and sorting out our lives back in Sweden. So we haven’t had a lot of time to wrap up the trip project, the cooperation with our partners is still ongoing, as well as the charity support. And there is still loads more photos to be posted, they are coming, believe it or not!

Looking back at the trip now – or rather looking at the photos from the trip now – it brings out a slight bit of awe, I have to admit. Did we really do that trip? It didn’t take that long after coming back until we had a bit of a distance to the whole thing, after living, breathing and thinking it for about two years. It’s also become clear to me that moving from country to country without a break made me very used to the scenery around me and slightly blind to its beauty – now that I look at the photos I think to myself “wow, have I been to such an exotic place!”

Also, we are very grateful that we decided to avoid driving through Syria as the situation has only deteriorated there, sadly. And we feel very lucky that we managed to breeze through Egypt while that country had a bit of a calm period, as there is turmoil there again now and it might not have been safe to drive through it now.

We recently met with Petri, the documentary film maker, and he showed us some more material that we haven’t seen before which was fun and inspiring (as well as a bit awkward, still not used to watching ourselves!) and we’re looking forward to seeing his full movie when he’s done – but he’s busy just like everyone else so we have to try and be a bit patient. As for my own projects after the trip, with photos and what not, I still haven’t entirely figured out what to make out of it all. My job situation this autumn is also a bit uncertain at the moment, but as soon as I have time I will get going working on the trip material and I’m really excited about it.

So, it’s been a year. It’s a crazy thought. And we’re back exactly where we started. For the nearest future we will remain here and work up some cash again for upcoming projects. Still not sure what the next exciting project will be, but I’ll keep you posted!

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