About us

Anna Hagvärn,

a Swedish journalist and photographer, born in 1983, with a lifelong crush on Africa. At age 15 I decided I was going to once live in Africa and started studying swahili online. Many years later, after travelling to north and east Africa, I headed for Moçambique to join a voluntary project for six months. That’s when I met Brian. Preferably spending my spare time outdoors, on horseback or reading a good book. I’m the person behind this website.

Main tasks during trip: Head of communications with the outside world, main photographer, assistant mechanic and lead singer.

Main aims with trip: Meet people and experience the nature and wildlife of every country, build up a great photography collection and learn something new everyday about the world we live in.

Brian Stockil,

a Zimbabwean born in 1983 who ended up in Sweden, a so called love refugee. A diver, a hard worker, a keen outdoorsman and a passionate fisherman. Growing up in small town Chiredzi and on a game ranch, it was not unusual for Brian to keep rescued wild animals in the garden. At age 19 he and his family left Zimbabwe due to the political crisis in the country. In the coastal town of Vilanculos in Moçambique Brian worked as a diver on and off for six years. Then he met Anna and moved to Sweden. In Sweden he’s been working with an asphalt/tarmac company for more than four years.

Main tasks during trip: Chief mechanic, head chef, assistant photographer and general fishing excursion conductor.

Main aim with trip: All of the above (in Anna’s profile) + catch a fish in every country.