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FAQ’s on the Wayawaya trip

Okay so it took me a while to put this post together since it’s been hectic sorting out practical things after our return – and I didn’t have that many questions sent to me (what have you guys been up to, ehrrm!?). But I’ve got a few and have put them together with some other […]

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Good morning

This morning I got a nice surprise. Brian had put a song as his alarm tune and we woke up to this: The photos on the video are pretty bad quality but couldn’t find another one… Although they appropriately sing “wake up, open your eyes” the song is obviously not about getting out of bed. […]

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The logo

Some of you may have noticed the logo and how it is a pawprint but with some modifications. It actually has a story behind it and here it goes! Brian wanted to have a tattoo done a couple of years ago. I already have one, a small wolf paw print on the inside of my […]

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