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One year

A year ago today we got in the cruiser and drove out of the parking lot outside our apartment in southern Stockholm and we returned to the same place, carless and tired about 8 months later. But those 8 months were some of the best months in our lives. That’s something you realize more and […]

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Other reads!

Here are some other blogs from our fellow travelers that we met back in Aswan, Egypt. Here you can read Hannah and Diarmaid’s excellent blog post of their experiences in Aswan. It’s true, hilarious, sad, upsetting and honest all in one. Rick had a good daily blog going on – he has actually just recently […]

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Back on track with the blogging!

16th of November, Marsabit, Kenya I don’t know why I didn’t do this from the beginning, taking notes for the blog regularly, little by little, and post online whenever possible – but I do know that it was stupid not doing so because with so many things happening everyday during a trip like this you quickly get […]

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