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A BIG step closer to the trip

Last summer when we had brought the cruiser to Sweden we had to strip it from all its extra expedition gear, most importantly to get it through inspection and be able to import it but also so that it would fit into the garage where it would spent the winter. I clearly remember the day […]

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The packing list

One of the absolute best things about planning for a trip is to do the packing, don’t you agree? I know it may sound silly but it’s such an exciting stage of the planning, getting to think about what you will need during your journey. I can start planning on what to bring weeks in […]

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Another clever invention

A while ago we started discussing what would be the best way to boil water during the trip. It will be an everyday matter pretty much and all the everyday things have to be as easily accessible and as easy to handle and as quick and smooth as possible because otherwise you will just get […]

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