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As we drive down the plains and it turns into a more swampy area, I see them. Just little dots in the distance at first, but I soon reliase they’re not so little.  I have never in my life seen so many elephants at the same time, I don’t even bother trying to count them. […]

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A new route

For those of you observant enough to know that we are currently in Tanzania and not in Uganda as was our planned route, here’s a short briefing! We were in Nairobi and were discussing when to move on towards Uganda. That’s when we heard about the latest ebola outbreak – apparently air born now – […]

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Back on track with the blogging!

16th of November, Marsabit, Kenya I don’t know why I didn’t do this from the beginning, taking notes for the blog regularly, little by little, and post online whenever possible – but I do know that it was stupid not doing so because with so many things happening everyday during a trip like this you quickly get […]

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