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Somewhat a theme song

…And as Adiel and I were in the car driving back after hugging elephants, she played Phillip Phillips on the car stereo and I got stuck at this song. It was as if it spoke to me. As if it was… about the trip. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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Good morning

This morning I got a nice surprise. Brian had put a song as his alarm tune and we woke up to this: The photos on the video are pretty bad quality but couldn’t find another one… Although they appropriately sing “wake up, open your eyes” the song is obviously not about getting out of bed. […]

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Musical Monday

I don’t know if it’s something about Mondays but it’s like your expectations are lower than for the rest of the week production-wise, so for every little thing gotten done you feel proud, recognize that feeling? That’s exactly how I feel today. I feel like I got a whole lot of things done, but I […]

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