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A BIG step closer to the trip

Last summer when we had brought the cruiser to Sweden we had to strip it from all its extra expedition gear, most importantly to get it through inspection and be able to import it but also so that it would fit into the garage where it would spent the winter. I clearly remember the day […]

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On Friday we went for a proper vaccination session. I, who’ve taken a pretty decent collection of vaccinations  throughout the years already, only had to have two injections. But Brian, who hasn’t gotten any vaccinations since his childhood immunization ones, had to take five!! Four in one arm, one in the other. And he has […]

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After a chaotic summer, September it is!

Hey guys. We’re still here. Very sorry for the blog silence lately. We kind of hit the wall. It all just became a little too much to handle at once and for a while there we didn’t how anything was going to turn out. You know on the tv show Amazing race, how the teams […]

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