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Interview, filming for documentary and car work

We started off on Saturday by bringing most of our trip equipment to the garage. We figured it’s easier keeping it there and packing up the cruiser outside the garage rather than driving the cruiser to the apartment and doing it outside the building. It was nice getting the gear out of the apartment since […]

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After a chaotic summer, September it is!

Hey guys. We’re still here. Very sorry for the blog silence lately. We kind of hit the wall. It all just became a little too much to handle at once and for a while there we didn’t how anything was going to turn out. You know on the tv show Amazing race, how the teams […]

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Happy National Day!

Today is Sweden’s National Day. Brian spent the day out fishing with his colleagues (whether they caught anything I don’t know, because he was fast asleep on the couch when I came home – that’s what fresh air does to you!) and I went to the movies with my friend Linnea (watching the Hunger games). […]

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