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Christmas came early!

I could hardly believe it when these awesome gifts came in the mail a while back – with one note each, one in Swedish for me and one in English for Brian. It was all sent – and made by – my childhood friend Eva and she wrote to Brian saying she knows he’s having […]

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I’m in my hometown visiting my parents and every time I come home there are obviously loads of memories from my childhood coming back to me and it’s always fun going through old things. The other evening I found an old book about dog breeds that I clearly remember looking in as a little kid. […]

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Christmas decorating

We haven’t spent a Christmas here in Sweden since 2007 but this year we will and I’m sooo excited. Don’t get me wrong, spending the holidays with Brian’s family in Mocambique is awesome. But I have to say, being Swedish and all, there is nothing quite like a Swedish Christmas. Especially when you haven’t experienced […]

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