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FAQ’s on the Wayawaya trip

Okay so it took me a while to put this post together since it’s been hectic sorting out practical things after our return – and I didn’t have that many questions sent to me (what have you guys been up to, ehrrm!?). But I’ve got a few and have put them together with some other […]

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After a chaotic summer, September it is!

Hey guys. We’re still here. Very sorry for the blog silence lately. We kind of hit the wall. It all just became a little too much to handle at once and for a while there we didn’t how anything was going to turn out. You know on the tv show Amazing race, how the teams […]

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Latest reports on Syria

We’re following the updates on what’s happening in Syria – we still haven’t given up hope completely but we obviously realize that the possibility of driving through there safely hardly even exists these days. Brian was looking at a map the other day and told me it was a distance of 520 km to drive […]

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