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FAQ’s on the Wayawaya trip

Okay so it took me a while to put this post together since it’s been hectic sorting out practical things after our return – and I didn’t have that many questions sent to me (what have you guys been up to, ehrrm!?). But I’ve got a few and have put them together with some other […]

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Ethiopia – Tough love

Leaving Sudan and coming into Ethiopia was our first really easy border crossing. Although quite smooth and easy on the Sudanese side it just took much longer than it should – they guy we were gonna pay the border fees to hadn’t woken up yet… Once he had rubbed his eyes and given us the […]

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Thoughts on a Saturday in February

The first few weeks of contacting potential sponsors have really made me realize how hard it is and how long it will take. I didn’t think it would be easy or over in a week, but I’m really starting to understand the immensity of it. To be honest, I had my moments in the beginning […]

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